Orange: Hey! That's mine! Give it back!

Pear: No way! It's my whistling pinwheel!

(Pear blowing the Whistling Pinweel)

Orange: You're an apple!

Pear: What's that, Orange? I can't hear you.

(Pear blowing the pinwheel)

Orange: (groans)

(Lightning appears)

Orange: Whoa! What's going on?

(Lightning disappears, revealing Evil Orange)

Evil Orange: Wow!

Orange: What the?

Evil Orange: Orange! Oh, thank god I found you!

Orange: Who are you?

Evil Orange: Orange, I'm you. From the year 2053.

Orange: What?

Evil Orange: I'm from the future!

Orange: Okay, wait. So, you're me?

Evil Orange: Yeah!

Orange: And you're from the future?

Evil Orange: Yes!

Orange: Prove it!

Evil Orange: Orange, we don't have time! I have to warn you that—Orange: Nope! Not listening till you prove it!

Evil Orange: So, the lightning, and me appearing from nowhere, that doesn't count for anything?

Orange: Could've been smoke and mirrors.

Evil Orange: Well, I have my official 2053 drivers license with me.

Orange: That could be fake. Not convinced.

Evil Orange: I've got this futuristic laser gun. (Shoots the laser gun)

Steve: (Screams and gets killed)

Pear: Whoa!! Poor, Steve!

Evil Orange: Now you're conviced?

Orange: Nope. Lame.

Evil Orange: Well, the only other thing I have with me is this glow stick.

Orange: Wha? A stick that glows? You really are from the future!

Evil Orange: That's what I've been trying to say!

Orange: Can I have a glow stick?

Evil Orange: No! There's no time!

Orange: I'll trade you my new iPhone 4 for it!

Evil Orange: Why would I want that? I have an iPhone 512.

(Toilet flushes)

Orange: How 'bout my golf clubs?

Evil Orange: No!

Orange: I'll trade you Pear for it.

Pear: Hey!

Evil Orange: No! No one's trading Pear for it! Just listen to me!

Orange: Fine!

Evil Orange: Orange, I was sent here to protect you!

Orange: Protect me? From who?

Evil Orange: From an evil future space warlord that can moves things with his mind! If he kills you, then I'll never exist!

Pear: Wait. Why won't you exist?

Evil Orange: Because, I'm him!

Orange: I'm an orange.

Evil Orange: And I'm you! From the future!

Pear: So, why does he wanna kill you?

Orange: You mean, me.

Evil Orange: Because, I'm the only one that can stop him! But, I need your help!

Orange: How's that?

Evil Orange: You're in possession of the most powerful weapon known to man! Or fruit!

Orange: Is it me?

Evil Orange: No. It's not you!

Orange: Oh.

Evil Orange: It's the whistling pinwheel!

Pear: What?

Evil Orange: It's the only device that can stop him! You don't know it yet, but when used correctly, it can destroy anything!

Orange: I'll trade you for the glow stick.

Evil Orange: Deal!

Pear: No way! The pinwheel's mine!

Evil Orange: Darn it, Pear! There's no time!

Orange: Yeah! Hand it over, Pear!

Pear: Nope. Can't hear ya! (blows the pinwheel)

Evil Orange: Come on! Give it back!

Orange: Pear! What are you doing?

Evil Orange: Come on! Give it to us!

Pear: (Keeps whistling the pinwheel)

Evil Orange and Orange (arguing)

(Lightning appears and disappears, this time revealing Future Orange)

Orange: There he is!

Future Orange: (breathes)

Evil Orange: He's coming right there!!

Future Orange: (grabs the pinwheel)

Pear: Hey!

Evil Orange: No, he's got the pinwheel.... Oh No! Noooooo.... (Future Orange activates the pinwheel and he explodes)

Pear: Whoa!

Orange: Ow!

Pear: Who are you? Why did you kill Future Orange?

Future Orange: (removes the mask, revealing someone who looks like Orange himself)

Orange: Hey, it's me!

Future Orange: You're an Orange!

Orange: And you're an Orange! (both laugh)

Pear: And I'm confused.

Future Orange: I was sent here from the future to protect you from an evil space warlord!

Orange: That's what the last guy said.

Future Orange: Well, duh! He was from an evil future! He was trying to trick you into thinking that I was the space warlord, when it was really him!

Orange: Wow! I'm really beside myself! (both laugh)

Pear: Oh god!